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KERA’s One Crisis Away project examines life for folks on the financial edge. Many senior citizens fall into that category. They might struggle with getting a job, paying for medicine, or managing wills and power of attorney.

That’s where Dallas County’s Elder Financial Safety Center comes in.

Utilities fraud accounts for 10 percent of identity theft in the country, according to the most recent numbers from the Federal Trade Commission. Texas has the third-highest number of fraud complaints in the nation, according to the FTC. Over $77 million was taken from consumers fraudulently in Texas in 2012, StateImpact Texas reports. In Texas, utility scams tend to become more common in the summer, as electricity use -- and power bills -- rises.

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Governor Perry has filed an emergency order in federal court to require Virginia’s Board of Elections to place his name on the ballot for the state’s Republican presidential primary.

Perry did not meet Virginia’s requirement of ten thousand signatures of registered voters, with 400 from each of its 11 congressional districts.

Yesterday, the Governor filed a lawsuit against the Board of Elections and the Republican Party of Virginia.

Today he filed the “emergency motion.” Perry claims Virginia’s requirements violate his freedoms of speech and association.