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  • A sign for a bail bond business is shaped like a bell -- white background with blue letters spelling "North Main Bail Bond."
    Lucio Vasquez
    Houston Public Media
    House Bill 20, also known as the Damon Allen Act, passed the House on a voice vote and appeared to have bipartisan support. It included amendments by a number of Democratic members.
  • A group of migrants turn themselves in to Border Patrol agents after crossing the Rio Grande from Ciudad Juarez to El Paso.
    Angela Kocherga
    Central American migrants talk about relying on smugglers who promise safe passage through Mexico to the United States as the Department of Homeland Security launches an operation targeting international human smuggling organizations. Immigrant advocates say U.S. policies restricting legal avenues for migrants like asylum are forcing more to rely on smugglers who charge higher fees, the harder it is to cross the border into the U.S.