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The statue of Lawrence Sullivan "Sully" Ross has been standing at Texas A&M University for 102 years.
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The Confederate Legacy In Texas Has Left More Than Monuments Across The State

Protesters continue to push for the removal of Confederate monuments across Texas. But it's not just statues that are stamped with that chapter of history. Texas counties — and even a state university — bear Confederate names.

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The half-cent sales tax that generates tens of millions of dollars for the Fort Worth Police Department is on the ballot in this month’s election. Voters will have the power to end the tax or renew it for another 10 years.

A student in a classroom at Cactus Elementary School.
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Masks for students and teachers will be mandatory in counties with more than 20 reported COVID-19 cases when public schools resume in-person classes this fall, under new public health guidelines released by Texas state education officials Tuesday.

Izcan Ordaz, an 18-year-old high school graduate in Fort Worth, Texas, will vote in his first US presidential election this November.
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A few weeks ago, 18-year-old Izcan Ordaz joined his high school classmates for his first protest. They called for racial justice as part of a national wave of Black Lives Matter activism. A few days later, he marched again in Keller, an affluent suburb of Fort Worth not usually known for protests.

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The protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd began a nationwide conversation to discuss police reform ideas, including calls to “defund the police.” The phrase has been used to mean everything from redirecting money away from police departments to actually abolishing the police. 

In North Texas, one coalition is working to create a “People’s Budget.” They want to find items in the Dallas Police Department’s budget that they can slash in hopes of redistributing those funds towards other city services like housing and education. 

The coronavirus pandemic appears to have helped spur an increase in gun sales. New preliminary research suggests those additional sales could be linked to higher rates of gun violence.

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President Trump vowed to exert pressure on states to reopen their school districts this fall even as large parts of the country are experiencing a spike in COVID-19 cases.

"We're very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools," Trump said during a roundtable discussion Tuesday afternoon at the White House.

Foreign students attending U.S. colleges that will operate entirely online this fall semester cannot remain in the country to do so, according to new regulations released Monday by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

David J. Phillip / Associated Press

Voting is complicated during a typical election season, but the coronavirus pandemic has made the situation even more confusing. From what’s on the ballot to where to vote, here’s a helpful guide on what you need to know to vote on July 14 in North Texas’ runoff elections. 

Shelby Tauber / The Texas Tribune

Texans remain focused on the coronavirus pandemic and are less optimistic about returning the state to normal quickly, according to polling by the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas.

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The killing of U.S. Army Specialist Vanessa Guillén, 20, has sparked a nationwide controversy about sexual assault and harassment in the military.

In a press conference on Monday in front of Dallas City Hall, local Hispanic advocates said the community needs to show their support for Guillén. They urged the North Texas community to attend Tuesday's candlelight vigil in memory of Guillén.


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In 1954, the Supreme Court ruled in Brown v. Board of Education that racial segregation in schools was unconstitutional. The decision is often framed as a landmark decision that transformed education for Black students, allowing them equal access to integrated classrooms.

Philando Castile, Eric Garner and George Floyd. The deaths of these Black men at the hands of police have fueled outrage over police brutality and systemic racism.

Men make up the vast majority of people shot and killed by police.

On an unusually sunny morning at Ocean Beach on the west side of San Francisco, photographer Sachi Cunningham is putting on her wetsuit, and getting her camera gear ready. A sign in the parking lot warns: "Danger: People have drowned. Enter at your own risk.'

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