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For those traveling from Dallas to Houston, high-speed rail could make the trip a lot faster. The proposed project by Texas Central would take passengers from one city to the other in just 90 minutes.


Brick-and-mortar debtors’ prisons were once common in the United States, locked institutions where people were sent to work off unpaid debts. 

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Janet Fein is not your typical college graduate.

For one, her eight grandkids are college-aged. She's raised five children of her own. And, she went back to get her bachelor's degree after retiring as a secretary at 78 years old.

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When John Creuzot takes office in January as Dallas County district attorney, he promises to usher in a new era of prosecution.

A group of Boy Scouts check another scout's merit badges prior to a ceremony at the Los Angeles National Cemetery on Saturday, May 26, 2018.
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The Boy Scouts of America says it is exploring "all options" to address serious financial challenges, but is declining to confirm or deny a Wall Street Journal report that it may seek bankruptcy protection in the face of declining membership and sex-abuse litigation.


A former Baylor University student accused of raping another student is no longer welcome at the University of Texas at Dallas.


A former Dallas City Council member will finish the term of a disgraced ex-councilman who resigned after pleading guilty to accepting bribes in a school buses scandal.

Christopher Scott, wrongfully convicted of murder in Dallas, was exonerated in 2009. He spent 12 years in prison.
Allison V. Smith

The statistics are startling: If you’re a black man in America, you’re five times as likely to go to state prison as a white man. Latinos and African Americans make up one-third of the U.S. population; they make up two-thirds of the prison population.

You can’t talk about incarceration without talking about race. Christopher Scott knows that too well.

Dr. Zhijian "James" Chen
UT Southwestern Medical Center

A UT Southwestern Medical Center biochemist was recently named the winner of the 2019 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences for his discovery of an enzyme that helps defend against infections and cancers.

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A Roman Catholic Jesuit investigation has found credible allegations of sexual abuse dating back to 1955 — and Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas says the list includes names of 11 men who once worked at the school.

A lighted, 60-foot illustrated cross-section plan of the 200 acre park welcomed hundreds of visitors who came to see it.
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Hundreds of people flooded into Gilley’s Thursday night for a first look at Trinity Park Conservancy’s plans for a new, 200-acre park flanking the Trinity River in Dallas. It would go in the floodplain between the Margaret McDermott and Ron Kirk bridges near downtown. The $150 million park is designed to survive — and thrive — even when the river floods.


Dallas drivers may contend with extra traffic this weekend for the BMW Dallas Marathon. 

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Texas has eight of the country's best restaurants, and seven of them are located in Dallas, according to analysis by restaurant reservation website OpenTable.

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Doug Delaney calls his North Dallas home a funky McMansion, with a sprawling garden of cacti, trees and wild grasses covering the entire backyard.

Kristie Tingle is the Center For Public Policy Priorities research analyst. She presented her latest findings to government officials and leaders of non-profits on the effects to children of poverty.
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More than one in five Dallas children lives in poverty, while one in four Dallas families have a parent who was born in another country, a new study details. That's just two of the statistics detailed in the new "State of Texas Children" report from the Center for Public Policy Priorities.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings in his city hall office.
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Outgoing Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings took office in 2011 with experience as a business executive and as a city appointee helping the homeless. But in order to lead all of Dallas, he was going to need a vision.

Chainnaron Soeurn at Hutchins State Jail on Aug. 15, 2018.
Thorne Anderson

A lot of people see prison as the last resort — the ultimate thing to avoid. Then there's Chainnaron Soeurn. After he was released, the struggle to pay the costs of probation was so tough that he chose to go back behind bars.

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Across the state, about 10 percent of teachers don’t return to their jobs each year, according to the Texas Education Agency. School districts and others are trying to change that. That includes Dallas Teacher Residency, a year-long teaching program that could make the difference between a new teacher staying or quitting.

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A former Dallas police officer who fatally shot her upstairs neighbor in his apartment in September will be tried for murder.

Dallas sculptor Dan Lam inside her home studio. One of the proposals in the new plan is to improve local artists' quality of life by finding a group healthcare plan or co-op.
Hady Mawajdeh, KERA

By a unanimous vote, the Dallas City Council approved a new cultural plan on Wednesday – the first the city’s had since 2002. 

MRI of a brain with Alzheimer's disease

A radical new vaccine that reduces the two proteins linked to Alzheimer's disease should give the public hope, says the founding director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Center at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

A TSA officer looks at a monitor while checking a bag in the screening lane at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, May 25, 2016, in Atlanta. In 2017, TSA found more guns in carry-ons at the airport than at any other.
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More than 771 million people passed through airport security across the country last year. And mixed in among the liquids and wrapped presents, Transportation Security Administration agents are finding something else in passengers’ carry-ons: thousands of loaded guns.

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Three Dallas firefighters are being treated for injuries after they became trapped in a burning apartment complex when a floor collapsed.

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A grand jury is hearing evidence in the case of a former Dallas police officer who fatally shot her unarmed black neighbor in his own apartment after she said she mistook it for hers.


A well-balanced diet touching on all the food groups is considered essential to good health. But it’s possible to boost nutrients if you combine foods with certain vitamins and minerals.

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Perhaps the hardest part of being a high school teacher is seeing students drop out or fail to graduate. But sometimes, students and teachers get a second chance.


A flu shot's important for people in general, but it's more important for people with weakened immune systems. That includes women who are pregnant.

The Dallas skyline from the Houston Street viaduct in 2012.
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After learning Tuesday that Dallas won't be home to the next Amazon headquarters — the prize instead goes to New York and Northern Virginia — city leaders say they learned some lessons from the application process.

The front of the new Fannie C. Harris Youth Center, near Fair Park in Dallas. Dallas ISD and several non-profits held a ceremony t
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An estimated 4,000 students in the Dallas Independent School District are considered homeless. On Tuesday, Dallas ISD and several non-profit groups marked the opening of the first phase of a homeless youth center. 

The Market at Bonton Farms is set to open November 19.
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Bonton Farms in South Dallas is evolving to serve its community, by serving meals.


On Nov. 19, Bonton Farms will open a market and cafe, in a neighborhood that's long struggled with access to fresh, healthy food. The hope is to inspire residents to make lifelong changes.