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Arlington City Council hits milestone with swearing-in of new member Mauricio Galante

Mauricio Galante, center-left, holds up one right hand as City Secretary Alex Busken swears him into office as District 1 Arlington City Council member. Galante wears a black suit and red tie. Mayor Jim Ross, wearing a yellow tie and black suit, stands in the background, as does Galante's wife and two children, all dressed in red.
Kailey Broussard
Mauricio Galante is sworn into Arlington City Council as District 1 representative. Three incumbent city council members were also sworn in: Raul Gonzalez of District 2, Long Pham of at-large District 6 and Bowie Hogg of at-large District 7.

Mauricio Galante reflected on the diversity in Arlington – and among elected officials – after being sworn in to the Arlington City Council District 1 seat.

“Look at our council. We see a mosaic of voices, experiences and ideas that will guide us forward. Each member here represents a unique perspective of our community. I am looking forward to working with all of you,” Galante said.

Galante thanked the community for supporting him and his wife Larissa Vilela’s small business, the Golf Center of Arlington; for the public school system where their children attend school; and for an outright victory in a three-person city council race to represent North Arlington.

“Let’s strive to make the best city to invest, work and raise a family in North Texas. Together we can make it happen,” Galante said.

Three incumbent city council members were also sworn in after successful election bids: Raul Gonzalez of District 2, Long Pham of at-large District 6 and Bowie Hogg of at-large District 7.

Galante’s election means that Arlington City Council is majority-minority for the first time in the city’s history.

Helen Moise said the change reflects shifting demographics – especially in North Arlington – as well as the impact of term limits.

“We represent now our city demographics,” Moise said.

Moise, who was first elected in 2018, was instrumental in crafting the city’s short-term rental ordinance to address an influx of operators, particularly in North Arlington. She also supported funding the Arlington Economic Development Corporation through a quarter-cent sales tax, which voters approved in 2020.

Between developments inside the entertainment district and forthcoming developments including those in Lincoln Square, the former Rolling Hills Country Club and continued development in Viridian, Moise said North Arlington is receiving more development dollars. The same is true citywide, she said.

“Arlington is on its way to being a different city. I think we’re going to be recognized as the major city we are,” Moise said.

Council members thanked Moise for her insight on commercial real estate development and her upfront nature in policy deliberations.

“Your intelligence and your knowledge are one thing, but your integrity in what you do here with city council takes it to a whole other level,” said Mayor Jim Ross. “I’m so appreciative of how transparent and how honest and how thoughtful you are in every single vote you have cast since being a part of city council.”

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Kailey Broussard covers Arlington for KERA News and The Arlington Report. Broussard has covered Arlington since 2020 and began at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram before joining the station in 2021.