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historic preservation

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From Swiss Avenue to the West End, Dallas has many dutifully preserved historic districts. That status is meant to protect the look and feel of some of the city's oldest neighborhoods, but that hasn't been the case for Tenth Street, a historically black neighborhood just south of downtown.

At the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, Texas, 19 maps, nearly 440 years old, are on display — and they look spectacular. "Works on paper are delicate so we're only allowed to put them on display for nine months out of 10 years," says Blanton Museum communications director Carlotta Stankiewicz.

A couple of clunky air conditioning units cool San Antonio’s Mission Concepción, but the units’ condensation and decades of humidity and rain have taken a toll on the structure and its art.

Cisco's restaurant, a staple of East Austin for more than six decades, gained historic landmark status in a unanimous vote Monday night.

The San Antonio City Council voted Thursday to approve a plan to redesign the Alamo.


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After years of back-and-forth, the Plano City Council has decided to put the fate of one of the city’s oldest houses in the hands of the voters. In May, the future of the 155-year-old Collinwood House will be sealed in a $3.5 million bond election. 

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For several years, the city of Plano has been trying to figure out what to do with the 155-year-old Collinwood House. The City Council could decide the future of the West Plano house as early as April. Preservationists are hoping that a look into its past could save it. 

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From Texas Standard:

Laredo is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Between 2007 and 2012 the city grew by more than 13 percent. Downtown merchants, like Maria Velazquez, have been noticing the change.

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Update: Fans of Lakewood Theater descended on a dumpster outside the iconic movie house Thursday to rescue antique seats, trashed to give crews more room to get rid of asbestos inside. Now, the head of the Dallas Landmark Commission says the site will be considered for historic landmark designation.

Great Plains Restoration Council

Update, Tuesday 4:47 PM: Jarid Manos says that his group, the Great Plains Restoration Council, would likely try to work with the prospective buyer on preserving even a portion of Rock Creek Ranch.

“If we do this right and there’s conservation, it makes [the buyer’s] project not just another [building], but sustainability for the landscape," Manos says. "There are very accomplished landscape architects. We can still use it in a way. [Rock Creek Ranch] is too priceless to lose. It expresses life like people don’t imagine, right in our own backyard."