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The booming North Texas city of Frisco is reportedly set to get the nation's first self-driving car service.

Jessica Diaz-Hurtado

With their candy-colored paint, intricate designs and hydraulic bounce, lowriders stand out in North Texas. But the cars can attract negative attention, too. An organization of lowrider enthusiasts in Dallas-Fort Worth is working to combat the stereotypes associated with the thriving culture.

Self-Driving Cars? Probably Not In Your Lifetime

Jun 16, 2016

General Motors, Google, Tesla and others are all in the race to produce self-driving cars. And just last month, Nissan announced its driverless car will roll out in 2020. Today on "Think," guest host Lauren Silverman talked with U.C. Berkley research engineer Steven Shladover about how these cars will function, how engineers are making them safe and when we will see them on the road.

Business travelers increasingly are relying on Uber and other ride-hailing services, often more than car rentals or taxis, according to new data.

Say you land at Chicago O'Hare International Airport. You've got a work meeting 20 minutes away. You might head to the rental desk to pick up a car. Or, you might call an Uber instead.

"More transactions coming through our system are in Uber than there were in all the rental car transactions," says Bob Neveu, CEO of Certify, a company that businesses use to book travel and track receipts.


Can any car be turned into a smart car? A Dallas-based startup called Vinli has captured the attention of drivers across the country with a device promising to do just that. We tested it out.

Dealers Reach Out, Tesla Slams The Door

Feb 18, 2015
Marjorie Kamys Cotera / Texas Tribune

Would Tesla Motors stumble if it sold its high-end electric cars through franchised dealerships like every other car manufacturer must in Texas? Elon Musk, the company’s CEO and a champion of disruptive technologies, seems to think so. 

If your mouth waters upon seeing a $100,000 Tesla electric car in the company's Austin showroom, there's no instant gratification possible for you -- not even a test drive. Car makers can't sell new cars directly to customers in Texas. Tesla says that if that doesn't change, the company won't survive. So Tesla suits and enthusiasts are pulling for a revise. One customer, William Jones, appealed to lawmakers this week: “Please drive it. It will blow you away."

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The cost of owning a car is up about 2% in 2012. AAA’s annual survey says it costs to drive an average sedan is 59.6 cents a mile.

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Dallas is launching three pilot programs for electric cars and charging stations. KERA’s BJ Austin says the city wants to be ready when electric cars really start to sell.