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Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott's half-season run from his six-game suspension ended Thursday when a federal appeals court refused to let him play while it considers his appeal.

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A new study on domestic violence in Dallas County shows that over five years, more than 100 people were killed by a spouse, significant other or date. It's called intimate partner violence.

The study also finds most of the victims didn't seek help before they were killed. Jan Langbein, CEO of the Genesis Women's Shelter in Dallas, offers her takeaways on the report.

In the wake of the massacre at a small-town Texas church on Sunday, many people are asking why.

A large portion of the mass shootings in the U.S. in recent years have roots in domestic violence against partners and family members. Depending on how you count, it could be upwards of 50 percent.

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People fleeing violent relationships often leave without financial support, which means a shelter may be the only place they can turn for help. And those are usually designed for women and children.

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Domestic violence victims are often women, but not only women. In Texas, one in three men report facing intimate partner violence in their lifetimes.


This month the Dallas nonprofit The Family Place opened one of the country’s first shelters exclusively for battered men and their families.

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An often overlooked aspect of domestic violence is financial abuse. Victims are forced to co-sign loans, open new credit cards and make purchases they can’t afford.

One Tarrant County woman lost tens of thousands of dollars to her abuser. Years later, she’s still working to regain her financial footing.


The most recent state numbers show almost 28 percent of victims of family violence are men. Despite that number, few come forward to seek help. When they do, they often find programs geared towards women and children.

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With the start of school approaching, the Skyline High football team is tackling a tough subject that often grabs national headlines: domestic and dating violence. 

Dallas Conference Focuses On Crimes Against Women

Mar 18, 2015

Crime is down in North Texas, but Dallas police chief David Brown says the exception is crimes against women. 

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If anyone still thinks the sports world is just about the scoreboard, they haven't been watching too closely.

Correspondent Tom Goldman chronicles the sports world for NPR.

Domestic Violence In Immigrant Communities

Oct 30, 2014
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Each minute, 24 people are victims of rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner in the United States. That’s according to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and William Holston of the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas explains in this commentary why immigrants face additional challenges.

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In the last two years, several domestic violence cases in North Texas have made national headlines. In one, a Dallas woman was strangled while seeking help from a 911 operator. In another, a woman was killed by her estranged husband before his scheduled arrest. The Dallas Police Department has since made changes within its domestic violence unit.  


Southern Methodist University has announced it will open a new legal center that will provide services for the victims of domestic violence, sex trafficking and other crimes against women.

Ray L. and Nancy Ann Hunter Hunt have committed $5 million for the Judge Elmo B. Hunter Legal Center for Victims of Crimes Against Women. The center, to be part of SMU’s Dedman School of Law, is being named in honor of Nancy Ann Hunt’s late father, who was a Missouri state and federal judge.

Dedman students working in the new center will provide legal services such as protective orders; divorce, custody and child support agreements; and assistance with credit and housing issues.


May 12th through May 18th is National Women’s Health Week. And it’s a good time to clarify how the Affordable Care Act impacts women.

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The big question after last weekend’s rally against domestic violence is what happens next? You can see one answer to that question on billboards around Dallas County. For the first time, the District Attorney’s office is putting up the equivalent of electronic wanted posters to catch the most wanted domestic violence suspects. 

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Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings called for 10,000 men and boys to join him this weekend in a rally to end violence against women.  He arranged an all-star lineup of speakers and invited politicians and advocates to speak out about domestic violence. 

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In the United States, one of every four women has to deal with domestic violence. And 90 percent of those women say their children witness it. Adela Plasek was  one of those children, until a particularly brutal night when her dad attacked her mom.

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State Representative Rafael Anchia will be the master of ceremonies at Saturday’s “Dallas Men Against Abuse” rally.  

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Monday afternoon, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings reveals the line-up of speakers for Saturday’s DallasMenAgainstAbuse rally at City Hall Plaza.  The mayor wants 10,000 men and boys to join the call to end violence against women.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings' appearance at a United Nation's anti-abuse event captured the attention of Big Apple journalists. They liked the sensitive side of the macho man.

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Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings wants 10,000 men to join him March 23 at City Hall Plaza for a rally and campaign against domestic abuse. It's part of the mayor’s efforts to change a culture of violence.

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Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings on Tuesday will unveil plans for a rally against domestic violence that he hopes will draw thousands of men to downtown Dallas.  The mayor wants to combat violence in the home with a loud chorus of voices demanding changes in actions and attitudes.

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As local family violence shelters cope with major overcrowding, we introduce you to a survivor who’s living that reality.