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Top Stories: Homelessness Up In North Texas; Starting Over From Scratch After A Tornado


The top stories this afternoon from KERA News: The homeless population in Dallas and Collin counties is up 24 percent from last year. That’s according to officials at Tuesday morning's annual State of the Homeless address.

The Insurance Information Institute estimates only 40 percent of people who lease apartments or houses have renter’s insurance. They need that money to buy food and pay the bills. One Garland family is living with the fallout from that, after a tornado ripped apart their house and smashed their truck.

And even though the landlord’s paying to rebuild their home, everything else is up to them. 

Other stories this afternoon: 

  • At the heart of so many political issues being discussed this election season is a simple question: How do we balance a person’s rights with the good of the whole? That tension has existed since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, says journalist Colin Woodard.

    Today on Think, Krys Boyd talked with Woodard about how to build a coalition during an election year based on common good. 

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