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From The Newsroom: Ellis County Readies For Immigrant Kids; Public Art At Panther Island

Stella Chavez / KERA News

The top local stories this evening from the KERA Newsroom: Up to 1,000 undocumented children who crossed into the country are heading to North Texas. They are expected to start arriving Friday.

 They’re heading to two camps – most are going to a camp in Ellis County and the others are headed to Rockwall County.

Border Patrol agents are charged with protecting our country’s southern border. Yet many of them are from Mexico or have family there and know very well what it’s like on the other side. On Think, Alfredo Corchado, who covers Mexico for "The Dallas Morning News," told Krys Boyd how they think though their jobs. 

A signature piece of public art was dedicated today in Fort Worth. It’s at the center of the ambitious Trinity River redevelopment project just north of downtown. On Thursday, the city unveiled the $1 million installation. 

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