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Stage West Founder Jerry Russell: An Appreciation

Sep 5, 2013
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KERA’s Jerome Weeks offers a deeper look at local theater legend Jerry Russell, who died Thursday following complications from abdominal surgery. He was 77. Jerome spoke with Russell’s widow, who offered her thoughts on his life -- and his impact. Russell’s daughter is State Sen. Wendy Davis, who had delayed her decision on whether to run for Texas governor so she could care for him. Jerome reports that Russell wasn’t just talented on the stage – he was a savvy business manager, too. When he opened Stage West in Fort Worth, he didn’t trust the stage to provide a steady livelihood. So he opened a sandwich shop next door.

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Jerry Russell as the demonic Lockhart, trying to convincing Sharky, played by Matthew Tompkins, that he deserves only hell - in Conor McPherson's The Seafarer at Stage West A founding figure in Fort Worth theater died early Thursday morning. Jerry Russell established and ran Stage West for 35 years.

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