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Max, Jack Or Dak: What North Texas Pet Owners Are Naming Their Dogs These Days


Five stories that have North Texas talking: The most popular dog names in D-FW are Max and Bella; the son of a former Texas governor is running for Abbott’s seat; origins of “tumping”; and more.

Is your dog named Max or Bella? If so, you’re very on trend in North Texas.

They were the top male and female dog names in the area — and in the country — this year, according to the folks at in their fifth annual report.

Pet owners in Dallas-Fort Worth continue to give their doggos human names. Along with Max, the top five male dog names are Charlie, Buddy, Cooper and Jack. Rounding out the female category are Lucy, Daisy, Sadie and Molly.  

Not everybody went with a classic name. Both Dallas and Texas became more popular names this year. Even better, dogs named Chuck Norris and Walker are hanging out in Dallas-Fort Worth somewhere. Same goes for Dak.

Patriotic names rose up the ranks, too: Star, Hope, Liberty, Patriot and Justice.

Nationally, human names were more popular. Pop culture references from “Stranger Things” to “Star Wars” made up 8 percent of the dog names submitted by users. If you want to be hip, know that food and political names were less popular in 2017.

The results are based on millions of user-submitted dog names provided by owners on between August and October 2017.

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