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If You Have Better Aim Than A Stormtrooper, Fort Worth Police May Want To Recruit You

Fort Worth Police Department
A stormtrooper misfires at target practice with a Fort Worth police officer.

Stormtroopers have tried multiple times to join the Fort Worth Police Department, but they're just not cutting it.  

In a video posted Friday on Facebook, a Fort Worth police officer and a stormtrooper — the fictional soldier clad in a black-and-white suit from the "Star Wars" film franchise — practice shooting at a target in big, bright and empty facility.

Shot after shot, the officer hits the bullseye from several feet away, but the stormtrooper has a tough time of it. It's only until the "Star Wars" soldier is inches from the target that he finally nails it. 

The Galactic Empire has tried to get into the academy twice now but to no avail, according to the post. You'll never (probably) guess who referred the stormtrooper to the department. 

Humans actually interested in joining the force can submit an application by Dec. 12. 

Watch the full video below: