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Top Stories: Looking Back At UT Tower Shooting; Checking Out Fort Worth's Art Scene


The top local stories this afternoon from KERA News: Before Virginia Tech and Columbine, before Sandy Hook and Orlando, there was the University of Texas tower shooting in Austin. On this day 50 years ago, UT student and former Marine sniper Charles Whitman climbed to the observation deck, and started shooting. 

Fort Worth’s Cultural District is home to some of the region’s most prized masterpieces and cultural exhibits.

But, whether you’re parking across the street from the Convention Center, jogging along the Trinity River or having lunch in Fairmount Park you’re never far away from art. 

Other stories this afternoon:

  • There were scores of witnesses to the chaos on that sweltering summer day 50 years ago. Among them: North Texans who attended UT-Austin. 

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