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Scenes From Dallas Love Field As President Obama Arrives For Police Memorial

President Obama was in Dallas for several hours Tuesday to take part in the interfaith memorial service to honor the five fallen police officers in last week’s ambush. The president’s arrival at Love Field was so smooth that some travelers didn’t even know he was here.

At 12:15 p.m, Air Force One landed at Love Field -- right on time.

President Obama and the First Lady stepped onto the tarmac. Vice President Joe Biden and his wife were there to greet them. So were Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price and Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

It was a bright, clear day -- a contrast to a somber sea of dark suits and dresses.

Security was tight. Officers lined up along the tarmac, including Arlington, Irving and Grand Prairie Police. Nearby, military personnel camped out on top of an airplane staircase with binoculars and a rifle.  

Credit Stephanie Kuo/KERA
Arlington, Grand Prairie and Irving police assisted with the President's motorcade.

The high-profile arrival was visible from the second-floor lounge at Love Field. There, Arlington resident Kendrick Jackson was sitting on a bench gazing at the president’s blue and white plane. Planes are his hobby, so he recognized Air Force One right away.

“When I saw the Air Force One plane, I said wait a minute,” Jackson said. “I looked on Facebook and I said wait Obama’s here. I was like oh my gosh, I wonder if he’s here in the airport. If I could meet him, it would be so great.”

Krystina Johnson got to the airport three hours early because she suspected Obama’s visit would cause traffic jams.

“I wish I was still going to be in Dallas so I could at least see him, meet him possibly, so I’m really excited about this,” she said. “A little disappointed, but still exciting.”

While they were all excited the president was just a few thousand yards away, they knew his visit was a sad one. And Johnson reflected on the tragedy that brought the president to town.

“Both police officers as well as anyone who is terrorized or even killed by police,” Johnson said. “They both deserve justice. It’s not one or the other.”

Outside Love Field, people waited along grassy medians waving American flags and waiting for the motorcade zoom by.

Four hours later, after the memorial service, Obama was back at the airport, boarding Air Force One.

As he quickly climbed the steps, he turned around for a moment. He waved goodbye.