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'Feels Like The World Is Going To Hell' -- African-Americans Reflect On Dallas Shooting

Javier Giribet-Vargas
KERA News Special Contributor
Protestors participated in a peaceful demonstration Thursday night before the shooting broke out in downtown Dallas.

The Thursday night shooting that left five police officers dead in downtown Dallas, and the recent killings of black men by police in other cities, have many on edge. KERA talked with African-Americans in downtown Dallas about how they’re feeling in the aftermath.

Tamara Singleton from Dallas

“A few weeks ago, everything was fine, you were going on with your life and now it’s almost like the world stood still. Went from just wanting to observe to actually participating in the protest. Unfortunately, you know, it’s inconveniencing a lot of people, but we’re still here. We’re still alive. Nothing compares to what those families have to endure.”

Emanuel Murray from Little Rock, Arkansas

“It didn’t surprise me. I told everybody it was bound to happen eventually. I mean black people are tired of getting killed by the police so they try to retaliate even though that ain’t exactly going to solve anything, but that’s just the mentality that’s out there.”

Kemberley Brown from Fort Worth

“You know it’s been a lot of killings around and I think it’s a disaster. ... It’s going to make things worse, basically. But I feel like now we’re going to get some type of attention to what’s been going on as far as the police brutality, you know?”

Giovanni Jeter from Dallas

“You know just going out in public, there is things that I can’t do. You know, I can’t go out in public and hold a gun at my waistline or else I will be accused of something innocently really quick.”

Jakeist Crenshaw from Dallas

“Feels like the world is going to hell, like we’re falling completely off. You kill one black person, it affects all of us in the long run.”