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Ahmed Mohamed Is Reunited With His Infamous Homemade Clock

Ahmed Mohamed has been reunited with his infamous clock.

He’s the 14-year-old Muslim boy from Irving was arrested after a homemade clock he took to school was mistaken for a possible bomb. News of the arrest generated international headlines.

Ahmed and his family are preparing to move to the Middle East. He's accepted a foundation's offer to pay for high school and college in Qatar.

Ahmed took the clock to MacArthur High School to show a teacher Sept. 14, but another teacher thought it could be a bomb. Irving police arrested the boy but later said he would not be charged.

Police say the family was told Sept. 18 that the clock was ready for retrieval. One of Ahmed's attorneys picked up the clock Friday.

Ahmed has traveled the world since the incident, even stopping at the White House.

Ahmed wrote on Twitter on Saturday: "I'm going to Qatar, but America will always be home."

Photo: Joshua Roberts/Reuters