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With Governor's Debate A Week Away, Davis Wins -- The Coin Tosses

The second debate between Attorney General Greg Abbott and State Sen. Wendy Davis is a week from today, and both campaigns came to the KERA studios to decide the order of questions. Tom Stewart of the Davis campaign won both coin tosses. Here's how it worked out: 

The Results

The first coin toss determined which candidate gets the first question. Robert Allen of the Abbott campaign called heads; it came up tails. The Davis campaign decided the first question will go to Abbott. That gave the Abbott campaign the choice of who gives the final closing statement. Allen chose Abbott.

A second coin toss determined whether Davis or Abbott asks the first of two candidate-to-candidate question. The Davis campaign called tails; it came up tails. Stewart deferred the first of those questions to Abbott.

You can see the debate live on KERA TV, and television stations and websites across the state. You can listen on KERA FM and radio stations across Texas. The debate -- co-produced by NBC 5, Telemundo 39 and the Dallas Morning News -- begins at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 30. Details are 

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