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Voters Have Questions For Candidates Abbott And Davis

Shelley Kofler
Liz Rick of Dallas says there is too much testing in schools. She wants to know whether candidates will change that for her eight-year old grandson Ben.

On Sept. 30, the candidates for governor -- Democrat Wendy Davis and Republican Greg Abbott -- will face off at KERA for a live, televised debate. 

We’re asking Texans to tweet their questions for the candidates using the hashtag #Texasdebates or send an email to

Here's what some voters browsing the aisles of a Half Price Bookstore in Dallas want to know.

Liz Rick, a grandmother concerned about education:

“Are we going to continue to teach to a standardize test or are we going to have a program that will challenge students' imagination so in the future we’ll have Albert Einsteins.”

Bethany Walland, a bookstore employee and student struggling to pay for college:

“I want to be a writer, so hopefully one day one of my books will be on these shelves. So how are they going to help me pay for school?”

Credit Shelley Kofler / KERA News
Daryl Makalinao and Bethany Walland want to know how the next governor will make college and housing more affordable.

Daryl Makalinao, 24, works but can’t afford some basic needs:

“How can you help us find more affordable housing in a good neighborhood without having to be afraid of where you live?”

Mark Oram of Dallas:

“I would like to hear Greg Abbott’s and Ms. Davis’ response on gay rights. How do they feel about gay marriage?”

We’re conducting a joint survey with The Dallas Morning News and KXAS-TV (NBC 5), our debate partners. Check out the survey here.

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