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Boy Scouts Host National Child Abuse Forum In Grapevine

The Boy Scouts is hosting a closed-door meeting in Grapevine to discuss ways to identify and fight child abuse.

The Boy Scouts of America is hosting another closed-door meeting of experts and leaders to discuss ways to identify and fight child abuse.

The group's second National Youth Protection Symposium began Monday in Grapevine.

About 100 participants from various youth and faith groups heard from Scouting leaders and an expert who identified how abuse leaves an imprint on children that can last their whole lifetime.

BSA says it's overhauled its policies and awareness programs for adult leaders -- that comes after decades of abuse cases that went unreported to authorities. Abuse complaints were kept in internal files that were disclosed in an Oregon civil lawsuit

Michael Johnson, who is the group's national director of youth protection, says the Scouts see themselves as "part of the community" that is battling abuse.

Read more about the symposium here.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.