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A Cream-Filled Legacy: Sweet Memories Of Twinkies

Christian Cable

Throughout North Texas Friday generations who grew up with Twinkies in their lunch boxes were wondering if their childhood treats will disappear. The Irving-based Hostess Brands company which makes the desserts is going out of business.

 Samuel Culp of Dallas recalled his first Twinkie.
“ I spat it back out on the table in kindergarten because I didn’t know there was cream filling in it and it caught me by surprise.  (It) left a bad taste in my mouth,” said Culp.

McKenzie O’Kelly of Dallas said the news also made her flash back to childhood. 

“The thing that’s calling my mind the most is the Zebra ones. It reminds me of something like elementary school”.

John Woods of Arlington, in his 20’s, remarked on how Hostess Twinkies have become a snack icon in recent years.

“My only regret is I never got to have the fried Twinkie at the State Fair”.

Hostess says it will lay off all of its 18,500 workers following competition from healthier snack foods and a crippling strike.  Members of the union that represents bakers walked off the job last week protesting a proposed contract that would cut wages and benefits.

The Hostess company, founded in 1930, says it hopes to find a buyer for its 30 brands which include Ho-Hos, Dolly Madison and Nature’s Pride snacks.