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Dallas Cracks Down On Parking Lot "Booting"

By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX –

The city of Dallas has banned "booting" on private parking lots as thousands of basketball fans arrive in Dallas for this weekend's NBA All Star Game. KERA's BJ Austin says if an unattended lot does not provide a receipt it cannot immobilize, or "boot" a car for non-payment.

In August last year, the City Council voted to regulate booting on private parking lots after getting a slew of complaints. The no-receipt/no booting rule went into effect first in Deep Ellum. Parking lots in other areas of the city were to comply by this July. But the Council made the receipt requirement effective immediately, citywide.

Council member Angela Hunt says there have been too many customer complaints - backed up by the city's own data.

Hunt: At least 15% of the people who are being booted in our downtown are being booted unfairly.

Hawkeye Towing Enforcement owner Jeff Klundt "boots" on 50 downtown parking lots that do NOT have the electronic receipt machines.

Klundt: The city if feel is unfairly putting nine people out of work - my entire company out of work who followed the rules accordingly.

The parking lot boot-ban comes as Dallas welcomes the NBA All Star Game and thousands of visitors this week. Towing is still allowed. But, Council member Hunt does not think it will increase. Mayor Leppert has instructed the staff to look at the towing policies next.

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