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Texas 2020 Primary Runoffs

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The headlines are pretty clear:

  • MJ Hegar got past Dallas state senator Royce West in the Democratic runoff and now sets her sights on U.S. Senator John Cornyn this fall.

Voting on Tuesday was the first outing for the Cruz family in a while. (Left to right: Maria, Catalina and Susana)
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With four months left until Election Day in November, U.S. presidential candidates are ramping up their campaigns — and their efforts to court Latino voters.

U.S. Senate candidate MJ Hegar wears a Baby Yoda mask while early voting on July 9th.
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M.J. Hegar, the former Air Force pilot from the Austin suburb of Round Rock, narrowly defeated Royce West, the Dallas state senator, in the Democratic runoff to face Republican U.S. Sen. John Cornyn this fall.

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It's the first time Texans are voting amid the coronavirus pandemic. KERA News reporters asked people what brought them to the polls and how voting felt different.

There is no Republican candidate, so whoever wins Tuesday's Democratic runoff for El Paso DA , James Montoya (left) or Yvonne Rosales (right), will ultimately take office.
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Nationwide protests sparked by the police killing of George Floyd have led to renewed calls for criminal justice reform, and shined a spotlight on the role district attorneys play in shaping how the law is enforced on a local level.

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Voting is complicated during a typical election season, but the coronavirus pandemic has made the situation even more confusing. From what’s on the ballot to where to vote, here’s a helpful guide on what you need to know to vote on July 14 in North Texas’ runoff elections. 

The Railroad Commission of Texas might be one of the most powerful government agencies you’ve never heard of. That’s because, despite the name, the commission regulates the Texas oil and gas industry.

At Victoria Park in Irving, volunteers with the group Dems Care Vote Safe pack Ziploc bags with gloves, face masks and hand sanitizer to pass out to voters before the July runoff election.
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On an overcast Saturday morning at Victoria Park in Irving, a couple dozen volunteers sit at picnic tables, packing Ziploc bags with gloves, face masks and hand sanitizer. 

MJ Hegar has been the front-runner throughout Texas' Democratic primary race for the U.S. Senate. Hegar, who first ran for office during a wave of women seeking office following the Me Too movement, won 22% of the vote in the crowded March primary.

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Years ago, when his kids were young, Texas Sen. Royce West remembers getting stopped by a cop.