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A Lesson On Polls

Oct 24, 2016

An ABC News poll released Sunday shows Hillary Clinton has a double-digit lead over Donald Trump. But that doesn’t guarantee those results will be duplicated on Election Day.


Five stories that have North Texas talking: A Dallas journalist won a national writing award while behind bars; Leon Bridges released a moving new video; Denton will amend its cemetery deed that reads for “whites only”; and more.

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How do Texans feel about marijuana use? Immigration? Same-sex marriage? A new Texas Lyceum poll highlights Texans’ thoughts on a number of these hot-button issues.


A statewide poll says Republican Greg Abbott went into Tuesday night’s governor’s debate at KERA leading Democrat Wendy Davis by nine points.

That’s less of a lead than internal Abbott campaign polls recently showed, but a difficult gap for Davis to makeup with just five weeks until the November 4 election. 

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We all know Texans have a lot of state pride. And here’s more proof.

Nearly 70 percent of Texas residents who were polled say their state is the best place to live in the country -- that's one of the highest rates in the United States. Only Montana, Alaska, Utah and Wyoming ranked higher in terms of people feeling positive about their state.

Meanwhile, only 24 percent of Texas residents -- or about one in four -- say they would like to move out of the state if they could. That’s among one of the lowest rates of any state in the country.

The David Dewhurst campaign is discounting a new statewide poll that shows the Lt. Governor with just a single digit lead and headed for a likely run-off election in his bid for the US Senate race.

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Governor Rick Perry is making a final push for voters in Iowa before Tuesday’s presidential caucuses. KERA’s BJ Austin says the Governor is taking aim at his Republican rivals as he lags in the polls.