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Stephen Becker

Senior Producer, Think

Stephen Becker is senior producer of the Think show , which airs on more than 25 stations across Texas and beyond. Prior to joining the Think team in 2013, as part of the Art&Seek team, Stephen produced radio and digital stories and hosted "The Big Screen" — a weekly radio segment about North Texas film — with Chris Vognar. His 2011 story about the history of eight-track tapes was featured nationally on NPR's All Things Considered. His works has been recognized with numerous state and national awards.

Before coming to KERA, Stephen was the film and television editor at The Dallas Morning News. In his 10 years at the News, he also worked in the Lifestyles, Business and Sports departments and was the recipient of several Society of Newspaper Design awards. Additionally, he served on teams that launched Quick and the GuideLive arts and entertainment section of the newspaper. He is a native of North Texas and a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

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Leaders in all branches of government are working to reopen the economy while also guarding against coronavirus spread. And on Thursday evening, KERA's Krys Boyd will explore that delicate process with Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and Dallas Federal Reserve President and CEO Robert S. Kaplan.

A couple draped in U.S. and Mexican flags leave a rally in El Paso following the shooting. They'd just seen a mural unveiled by the family of a victim from last year's shooting in Parkland, Florida.
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Gun violence dominated the weekend as at least 22 people were killed by a gunman in El Paso – and nine more were shot to death 12 hours later in Dayton, Ohio. Monday on Think, host Krys Boyd got an update from El Paso, and experts shared their thoughts on gun violence and the anger of young, white men.

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The top local stories this evening from KERA News:

The Aronson Cello Festival kicks off at SMU this weekend. Jennifer Humphreys is a cellist with the Dallas Symphony who will perform at the festival, and for our weekly State of the Arts, she sat down with KERA's Anne Bothwell to talk about her passion for the instrument.

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Update: U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz defeated late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel 11-9 on Saturday.

The NBA season ended last week when the Golden State Warriors claimed their second straight championship. But there’s still one very important basketball game to be played.

A late-night talk show host and a senator from Texas will settle their beef this weekend on the court.


The top local stories this evening from KERA News:

Several charter schools have some of the state's largest class sizes. The Texas Education Agency says most public schools in the state had about 22 students per teacher during the 2016-17 school year.

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The top local stories this evening from KERA News:

The owner of the Balcony Club in Lakewood has died. Ted Davey had been battling cancer. In 2013, Davey bought the venerable but failing Dallas club and turned it into a favorite hangout for musicians.

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The top local stories this afternoon from KERA News:

Today, we’re exploring some of the most popular stories that appeared on our website this year, including the debate over open. KERA’s assistant producer for digital news Molly Evans  joined managing editor Eric Aasen for an online tour of the year. 

Also this afternoon:


Cowboys fans have come to know Joe Buck well. As the lead announcer for Fox’s football broadcasts, he’s called the action for much of this so-far magical season. He’s in town for the Thanksgiving Day game, and he sat down with KERA’s Stephen Becker:

Need A Reason To Vote? Here Are A Few

Jun 15, 2016

This story is part of A Nation Engaged, a collaborative project between NPR and its member stations. This week's question: "Does my vote matter? More than 4.2 million Texans cast a ballot in March’s primaries. That’s only about 20 percent of eligible voters in the state. Today on "Think," Lauren Silverman spoke with North Texas political organizers about convincing people that their votes count.

Jeff Whittington / KERA News

Sen. John Cornyn says that while he has a "good working relationship" with Sen. Ted Cruz, his Texas colleague in the Senate went to Washington to run for president.

Photo: Jeff Whittington

KERA's "Think" broadcasts all week from NPR headquarters in Washington. Guests include Sen. John Cornyn, NPR’s Nina Totenberg and best-selling author Andrew Solomon.

The leading candidates for the Republican and Democratic nomination for president – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton - disagree on just about everything. Everything, it seems, except the Trans-Pacific Partnership.


AUSTIN – Earlier this month, Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of e-mail, died. And now the tech industry is trying to bury his greatest invention.


Television news anchors wear a lot of hats: they inform us, they entertain us, and sometimes they even comfort us. John McCaa has served all of those roles as an anchor at WFAA-TV. Today on "Think" and during a public forum tonight, he talked to Krys Boyd about being a calming and level-headed presence when the news might cause some to panic.

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On Dec. 26, sirens rang out across North Texas, warning of the dozen tornadoes that would soon touch down. Sirens like those actually fire off less frequently than they did even a few years ago, thanks to advancements in radar technology.

Eleven people died Saturday after tornadoes ripped through North Texas on Saturday. Here's what we know so far about those who died:


Today on Think … a conversation about climate change. What responsibility does the world’s largest oil company have when it comes to the Earth’s future? Krys Boyd explored the question with a reporter who writes about climate change and an official from ExxonMobil. Here's a recap:

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Franklin Barbecue in Austin is the state’s hottest barbecue joint, taking the top spot in Texas Monthly’s poll. And barbecue addicts’ burning desire for their brisket is only matched by the sweltering temperatures around the smokers. 


Today on Think, Krys Boyd spoke with psychologist Dr. Guy Winch about why we sometimes feel lonely. As it turns out, our brains developed the ability to be lonesome as a form of protection.


Last week, Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk announced she’s taking a four-week leave of absence to seek treatment for depression. Today on Think, Krys Boyd talked to a UT-Southwestern psychiatrist about depression in the workplace.

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Over the weekend, about a thousand people from across the country gathered in Fort Worth for a conference called Podcast Movement. It was dedicated to all things podcasting – from the superstars who get millions of listeners every week to some pretty narrow niches.

On Monday's Think, Krys Boyd spoke with the Plano couple who was part of a Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Children's Medical Center

This spring, Children’s Medical Center in Dallas opened a clinic that specializes in helping kids and their families work through a condition called gender dysphoria. On Monday's Think, Krys Boyd talked to a pair of staff members, about the multistep treatment process:

Sylvia Komatsu

We’re taking Anything You Ever Wanted to Know on the road.

We hope you’ll join Jeff Whittington and the rest of the Anything team again this Friday, back in Sammons Park just outside of the Winspear Opera House. We’ll broadcast live from noon to 1 p.m., so come prepared with your questions. And hang around for the whole show – you just might have an answer we’re looking for.

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Slowly, West Africa is prying itself free from the grip of the Ebola virus. Today on Think, Krys Boyd talked about why it’s tough for scientists to track the virus once an outbreak ends with David Quammen, who writes about the topic in the July issue of National Geographic.


Last year, when Thomas Eric Duncan became the first person to die from Ebola in the U.S., he left behind his fiancée, Louise Troh. On Monday's Think, Krys Boyd talked to Troh about how she leaned on her family and faith to make it through.

Lara Solt / KERA News Special Contributor

There are about 110,000 homeless students in schools statewide, including thousands right here in North Texas. As part of KERA’s American Graduate series Homeless in High School, Monday on Think, Krys Boyd talked to a panel of experts about the issue:

Photos: Jeff Whittington/KERA Staff

WASHINGTON - Twenty two veterans take their own lives each day. That’s according to a study conducted by the Office of Veterans Affairs. Over the weekend, a small group of veterans hoped to shine a spotlight on the problem with a walk around the National Mall in Washington called Walk for the Voiceless.

The debate over the proposed Trinity Toll Road has focused mostly on traffic and cost. Wednesday on Think, Krys Boyd talked with a toll road supporter and detractor about those sticking points. And they also got into a lesser-talked about element of the project – how it would affect the city’s levee system.


On your way into work this morning, there’s a good chance you were still sleepy. The good news is, you can fix that if you can find as little as 15 minutes. Tuesday on Think, sleep expert Dr. James Maas talked to Krys Boyd about the benefits of the power nap.