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James Russell

James Russell is a Fort Worth-based freelance writer. He is the web editor for the Gay and Lesbian Review. He writes for Arts and Culture Texas, D Magazine, Fort Worth Weekly, Next City and Quorum Report. He previously was a staff writer for the Dallas Voice.

Federal law enforcement is warning that scam artists are preying on older people's fears by peddling fake tests for the coronavirus to Medicare recipients.
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COVID-19's spread has shut down businesses, seen unemployment rates skyrocket and upended individuals' lives and shaken social norms. It's also emboldened some business owners and individuals to scam the public.

During disasters and emergencies, a business selling items at an exorbitant price, or price gouging, is the most common scam, according to Attorney General Ken Paxton’s Consumer Protection Division.

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State Rep. Carl Sherman, a DeSoto Democrat, was leaving the house to take soup to his mother when a neighbor stopped him with a question.

Her friend was recently laid off from her job and needed to file for unemployment but couldn’t get through.