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Top Stories: Dallas Students Harassed At Texas A&M; What Do Millennial Voters Want?


The top stories this afternoon from KERA News: About 60 black high school students from Dallas say they were taunted with racial slurs during a visit to Texas A&M University this week. The kids from Uplift Hampton Preparatory were touring the College Station campus on Tuesday.

Going to school in the University of Texas system is about to get more expensive. UT regents say they will consider tuition hikes later this month.

The Frisco school district made headlines this week when it approved an apparel contract with Nike worth $1.74 million. Nike will be the sole supplier of uniforms and equipment for middle and high school sports in Frisco.

Finally, millennials are the largest generation in American history, and politicians are battling for their votes. Yet we don’t know a lot about their voting habits. Alexander Heffner has studied that generation - he’s host of the PBS series ‘The Open Mind’ and he stopped by the KERA studios. 

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