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From The Newsroom: Neighborhood Disparity In Dallas; How Not To Stress About Stressing


The top local stories this evening from the KERA Newsroom: The U.S. Conference of Mayors released its 2015 report on Hunger and Homelessness. 

Dallas and McKinney were among the 22 participating U.S. cities, and they were at opposite ends of the scale on sheltering the homeless.

Dallas reported it used cots, put chairs in shelter hallways and gave out motel vouchers to provide emergency shelter, and no one was turned away. It was a different story in McKinney. The city’s 2015 data showed 86 percent of the demand for emergency shelter was unmet -- the highest of any participating city.

In Dallas, there’s still a big gap between neighborhoods. And it turns out, those with means and those without, don’t live very far apart.

The Washington D.C.-based research group the Urban Institute analyzed neighborhood equality across the U.S. and found the Dallas area’s highest and lowest ranked neighborhoods are only separated by a few miles.

As part of KERA’s One Crisis Away initiative, Courtney Collins spoke to the Urban Institute’s Rolf Pendall about the Dallas divide.

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