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Exercise: A Healthy Way To Spend Time At Home During The Pandemic

Woman practicing yoga, sitting in Head to Knee Forward Bend exercise, Janu Sirsasana pose, working out.

As the state’s economy slowly reopens, many people are still at home with a lot of potential sedentary time on their hands. Exercise can be a useful way to pass some that time.

Margaret Bryant, a physical therapist with Parkland Hospital System, shared ideas for exercising at home with Vital Signs host Sam Baker.


Benefits Of Exercise

It is well-documented that even the simplest exercise of walking does release some cortisol from our brain and allows our stress level to slowly decrease when that exercise becomes consistent. There's better breathing, better sleeping and overall improved health.

How To Get Started

It usually takes for me [having] somebody else to help motivate me, so I'm kind of turning to others for that. Support is a good way to start.

Actually, exercise at home becomes more of a fun activity that allows you to really experience more than being inside of a gym. I would recommend creating a space inside the home or even outside the home to allow you to be in the moment and get focused on what you want to accomplish.

Exercises You Can Do At Home

To get the little ones going, create programs or activities kids enjoy doing:

There's all kinds of creative ways to toss the ball, bounce the ball.
For adults:

  • Circuit training — Set up little stations within a workout area you've designated at home.
  • You could lay down a yoga mat and do some pushups, do sit ups, planks, some yoga poses, and then move over to a next station.
  • Light weights or dumbbells or we could put cans of soup in our hand and use those as a weights and do full exercises with the arms from the elbow, the shoulder, any and all the motions that those joints do.
  • Pushups on the ground and on the wall
  • Plyometrics — Jump up and down from a low step and in different directions.
  • High intensity interval training — Go through your circuit and set yourself a timer for anywhere from 30 seconds to one minute of doing the designated exercise. Giving a five to 20 second break and then go to the next exercise station.

Remember Any Movement Is Exercise:

Going to the grocery store, mowing the yard, doing your laundry — all those things. When you are moving, you're exercising.

Sleep Is Also Important:

Your body is able to heal and repair. Everything is getting re oxygenated. Tissues are allowed to heal and repair and it's key. It's definitely key to get enough sleep.


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