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Shaken Baby Syndrome: A New Tool To Help Identify Abusive Head Trauma


The medical journal Pediatrics recently published study results on a new tool developed to help doctors identify children under two with abusive head trauma. Some call it shaken baby syndrome.

Dr. Glenn Hardesty has witnessed such cases as an emergency room physician at Texas Health Arlington Memorial. He explained the medical and legal reasons for the new tool.

From Dr. Hardesty’s interview:

About abusive head trauma: “The cases that I’ve seen can range from mild cognitive defects all the way up to death.”

What the tool covers: “There’s six things that we look for. Retinal hemorrhages, rib fractures, long bone fractures, apnea, seizures, and bruising around the head and neck.”

Why the need for the tool: “(Abusive head trauma can be) very difficult to pick up. With abuse, there are parts of the story that don’t make sense, and that sense comes from doing this for a long time. And it’s hard to teach that to young doctors and young practitioners. Because of the nature of the accusation, you have to be pretty certain of what you’re seeing and your reasons for calling it child abuse. The tool allows us to do that. The abusive head trauma criteria tend to be things that show ongoing traumatic injury…an ongoing abusive situation.”

For more information:

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National Center for Biotechnology Information: Abusive head trauma: the relationship of perpetrators to their victims

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