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Top Stories: Total Apprehensions At Border Down Again; Lyceum Poll Surveys Texas Voters

Matt York / AP
A mother and 5-year-old daughter from Honduras are detained by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents in July.

The top local stories this evening from KERA News:

The number of people apprehended for illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border is down, according to an announcement from The Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday.

The Texas Tribune reports this is the second month in a row that the number has fallen. Just over 31,000 immigrants were apprehended at the border in July, which is an 8 percent decrease from June.

But the number of families who were caught or turned themselves in stayed flat, decreasing less than one percent.

Homeland Security said the overall decline in apprehensions last month is evidence that the Trump administration’s recent crackdown has deterred immigrants from trying to cross the border illegally.

But last month's numbers are comparable to the month of July in recent years. And the number of apprehensions along the border has been steadily falling over the past two decades.

Other stories this evening:

  • The city of Fort Worth is scrambling to find a fix to shore up its pension fund.  City leaders say the city’s retirement program will go bankrupt within three decades if nothing is done. But as KERA’s Christopher Connelly reports, it’s not going to be easy.

  • Each year, the Texas Lyceum asks people in the state how they feel about current issues. Joshua Blank oversaw the 2018 Lyceum Poll, which was released last week, and today on Think, he talked with Krys Boyd about what the responses show about the upcoming midterm elections.

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