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Water Activities Put On Hold At White Rock Lake After Burst Pipe Caused Sewage Spill

Eric Joshua
Boats at the harbor of White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas.

A burst pipe has sent over one million gallons of raw sewage into White Rock Creek, the North Texas Municipal Water District confirmed.

Anticipating sewage would flow into White Rock Lake, the Dallas Parks and Recreation staff directed lake partners and organizations Thursday to pause all water recreation activities until further notice.

Officials say that drinking water is not affected. So you can drink, bathe and cook with your water normally.

A construction crew ruptured the pipe near Preston Road and the President George Bush Turnpike, near the border of Plano and Dallas, Wednesday afternoon. The pipe was repaired and back in service early Thursday morning, according to the water district.

The sewage traveled one mile, flowing into White Rock Creek, about 12 miles from where it enters White Rock Lake.

White Rock Lake is not a supply of drinking water for the city. And swimming in the lake is prohibited by city ordinance. The city also discourages fishing at this time. 

Dallas City Council member Mark Clayton says there's the possibility of a fish kill and unpleasant odor at the lake.

KXAS-TV reports the recent dry weather may help slow the sewage flow and make it easier to clean up.

Officials from the water district and Trinity Watershed Management are conducting environmental assessments and sample water quality along White Rock Creek.

The city is asking residents along the creek to report anything unusual, such as dead fish, to 3-1-1.

The public should avoid contact with the waste material, soil or water in the area potentially affected by the spill. If you have the misfortune of coming in contact with any of that, bathe and wash your clothes as soon as possible.