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Top Stories: Texas Voters Want Stricter Gun Laws; Kids Create Art Made From Brainwaves


The top local stories this morning from KERA news: 

A majority of Texas voters believe gun laws should be more strict. That's according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.

Thirty-one percent of 1,200 registered voters surveyed said they would leave gun laws as they are now and 13 percent said gun laws should be made less strict.

As for what's responsible for recent school shootings at Santa Fe High School and elsewhere, Texans spread the blame around.

Some in the internet survey checked off insufficient mental health resources for students. Others blamed bullying, poor parenting or poor enforcement of existing gun laws. Also, insufficient restrictions on gun ownership, drug use and school building design.

Texans split on what effect more people carrying guns might have. Thirty-seven percent said the United States would be safer, while 39 percent felt the country would be less safe. Another 15 percent thought more people carrying guns would have no effect on safety.

Other stories this morning: 

  • Getting kids to sit still for anything can be a challenge. It's certainly a problem in the classroom. That’s why one summer camp in North Texas decided to slow things down by getting kids to create art made from their brainwaves. KERA’s Stella Chavez stopped by the camp in Plano to see what this brainy art is all about. 

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Samantha Guzman is the coordinating editor of Arts Access, a partnership between The Dallas Morning News and KERA expanding arts coverage in the Dallas-Fort Worth area through the lens of equity and access.