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New Texas Rangers Ballpark Food Might Rival The State Fair

Delaware North
Yep, that's a pickle inside a corn dog.

We’re lucky here in North Texas to have a pair of annual celebrations where so-ridiculous-it-might-just-be-delicious food takes precedence over the actual event.

As fall approaches, the folks at the State Fair of Texas ease us into what latest marvels of fried-foodery their chefs have discovered. The spring counterpart, if you will, is Opening Day. The selection of new foods available at Globe Life Park starting Thursday (when the Texas Rangers take on the Houston Astros) may make the fair food aficionados a little nervous.

OK, enough buildup — here are the nine new things to sample at the ballpark.

1. The Dilly Dog

Take a dill pickle, remove its core, stuff an Angus beef hot dog inside, batter and fry it — and you have the Dilly Dog.

Credit Delaware North

2. The Triple B

The Triple B stands for bacon, brisket and bologna. The meat trio is topped with barbecue sauce and sandwiched between two rolls.  

Credit Delaware North

3. 7th Inning Cinnamon Roll

This one isn't too nuts, but you're definitely risking a trip to the dentist. It's an iced cinnamon bun battered and deep fried and then topped with raspberry and chocolate sauce. It probably tastes the same at any point in the game — but try it during the seventh inning and let us know.

Credit Delaware North

4. Cheetos Jalapeño Bacon Dog

Here's one for those who like spicy stuff or cheese — so most Texans, basically. This is an all-beef hot dog wrapped in bacon covered with Cheetos cheese sauce and topped with jalapeños and Cheetos. 

Credit Delaware North

5. Lays Home Plate Chicken Sandwich

Here's another chip-enhanced creation: This large sandwich includes a chicken breast split in two and crusted in Lays potato chips. It's fried (of course). The chicken is secured between two giant buns and nestled among layers of lettuce, tomato, spicy mayo -- and even more potato chips.

Credit Delaware North

6. Rold Gold Waffle Cone

For this dessert, the undeniably satisfying combination of salty and sweet is at play. The waffle cone batter includes crushed Rold Gold pretzels. You're encouraged to fill the cone with your favorite flavor of Blue Bell ice cream.

Credit Delaware North

7. Vegan Grande Nachos

Yes, these are vegan. Globe Life Park was actually named the No. 1 vegan-friendly ballpark by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) last year. The Tostitos foundation is topped with vegan chili and vegan cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato, olives and Beyond Crumbles.

Credit Delaware North

8. Ham Fries

Ham fries are pretty simple: ham cut into sticks, battered and fried until crisp. Nothing wrong with that.

Credit Delaware North

9. Pickle Fries

Think ham fries, but the pickle version. 

Credit Delaware North

Details on Opening Day 

The Rangers play the Astros at 2:35 p.m. Thursday at Globe Life Park in Arlington. Here's ticket information.