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Top Stories: Lawsuits In Texas Target Dallas County Bail System, Democratic Candidates

A woman walks by a polling sign.
Keren Carrión
Early results show voters are poised to approve all eight amendments, including one proposal barring the state from limiting religious services.

The top local stories this evening from KERA News: 

A federal civil rights lawsuit alleges Dallas County's bail system unfairly harms poor people -- and violates their constitutional rights.

Four nonprofits filed the lawsuit on behalf of six Dallas County inmates. The lawsuit alleges the county's bail system does NOT consider a jailed defendant's ability to pay to post bond -- and that results in different treatment.

County Judge Clay Jenkins tells The Dallas Morning News the county has been working to put a risk assessment tool in place and improve the system.

Other stories this evening: 

  • Dallas County Republicans filed a lawsuit to remove 128 Democratic candidates from the March 6 primary ballot. The lawsuit, filed Friday, alleges that Dallas County Democratic Party Chair Carol Donovan didn’t sign the petitions of the candidates before sending them to the Texas Secretary of State’s Office, which is required by law.
  • Whenever we fill out important paperwork, we are often asked to check a box to indicate our race. And while these categories have existed for a long time, Kevin Young argues race is actually a hoax. On Think, he talked with Krys Boyd about discovering this idea while working on his new book about hoaxes.
  • We're six weeks away from the March primary elections. It's not a presidential year, but big offices are up in Texas. The Governor, a senator, all of the U.S. House members and so many local and state offices. KERA’s Christopher Connelly sat down with Rick Holter for a look at the election by the numbers.

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Samantha Guzman is the coordinating editor of Arts Access, a partnership between The Dallas Morning News and KERA expanding arts coverage in the Dallas-Fort Worth area through the lens of equity and access.