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Dallas' West End Is The Second Most Dangerous Place For Pedestrians In Texas, Study Says

Five stories that have North Texas talking: The most dangerous places to walk in D-FW; nearly 400,000 new Texans were added in the last year; the state’s favorite Christmas movie; and more.

A study this month looks into something you most likely already know: Walking in the Metroplex is risky.

A law firm in San Antonio used 2012-2015 data from the Texas Department of Transportation to determine the most dangerous places to be a pedestrian in Dallas-Fort Worth and other Texas cities.

The study identified 73 high-risk zones in the state, where 10 or more pedestrian collisions occurred during the four-year period.

The West End is the second most dangerous place to walk in Texas with 42 collisions, resulting in 39 injuries. The next most dangerous North Texas site is East Lancaster and Riverside in Fort Worth. In that location, there were 16 crashes, 21 injuries and one death during the study period.

Here’s what the study said about the Metroplex as a whole: “The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area had 222 crashes, 220 injuries, and 9 fatalities across 15 zones totaling 180 intersections. Although the numbers are concerning, consider that these are numbers for three cities combined. Dallas on its own amassed 159 crashes, 155 injuries, and 7 fatalities across 10 zones – all considerably less than San Antonio, Austin, and Houston.”

Beyond the major Texas cities like Austin, San Antonio and Houston, a pair of smaller cities near the state’s southern border also showed a high risk for pedestrians: Laredo and Brownsville.

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