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Flip Through The KERA Yearbook: School Pictures Through The Years

Who is this person? (Hint: She likes to "Think.") Scroll down to find out.

It’s back-to-school time! Monday is the first day of school for most public schools across North Texas. To get in the spirit, some of us at KERA are sharing our vintage school pictures. (Bangs, braces, backpacks, oh my!)

Tour the virtual yearbook below.

Some back-to-school highlights

School districts opening today include Arlington, Irving, Frisco, Richardson and Fort Worth — the state’s fifth largest district.

New school ratings issued this month from the state show fewer low-performing schools in the district: 14 this year, down from 28 four years ago, superintendent Kent Scribner says.

“That is very significant and of the 14, four of those are our Leadership Academies, so our goal is to be in the single digits next year,” he says.

Fort Worth’s Leadership Academies represent the district’s attempt to improve low performing schools. Academies include new principals, some of the district’s best teachers, longer school days, mentoring, and breakfast, lunch and dinner for the students.

School start days seem all over the calendar this year. That’s due a recent state law that let allowed school systems to call themselves Districts of Innovation.

That gave them the flexibility to change their start date from the official first day, which is Aug. 28. Dallas, McKinney, and several other north Texas districts start a week from today. 

Back-to-school details by district

Justin Martin

Justin Martin, All Things Considered host, still wears this snowflake sweater. (We're kidding!)

Krys Boyd

Krys Boyd is "think"-ing of getting straight As. (She carries books around KERA, too.)

Hady Mawajdeh

Back in the day, arts reporter Hady Mawajdeh liked to take it easy by the fireplace. Little did he know he'd become the official voice of the Art&Seek calendar.

Stella M. Chavez

Education reporter Stella M. Chávez looks like the perfect student.

Denita Powell Malvern

Denita Powell Malvern, KERA's community engagement manager, with a sweet smile and a groovy hairdo.

Samantha Guzman

Sam Guzman, the associate producer of KERA's "Think," still sports lovely patterns at work. 

Jeff Whittington

Jeff Whittington is too cool for school. Ask him "anything you'd ever wanted to know" — and he'll give you the scoop.

Eric Aasen

Eric Aasen, KERA's managing editor, is rockin' some '80s hair. (Where are his ears?) He's also just one guy — not twins.

Krystina Martinez

Krystina "Flower Power" Martinez is our Morning Edition producer. She still has perfect bangs.

Courtney Collins

Courtney Collins is a reporter/producer. She loved school — and her ankle boots.

Rick Holter

Rick Holter, KERA's vice president of news, on the left, with his brothers, mesmerized by the camera.

Gus Contreras

Producer/reporter Gus Contreras knows how to produce some spiky hair and stylish braces.

Molly Evans

Molly Evans, KERA's digital producer, was just so excited to be in second grade. 

Stephen Becker

Stephen Becker was a good ole' Texas kid who grew up to produce "Think" and tell folks about the latest in film every week as one half of The Big Screen duo. 

Bill Zeeble

KERA reporter Bill Zeeble: Always looking skeptical when talking with public officials — even when he was a cub reporter.

Rachel Osier Lindley

Rachel Osier Lindley, our statewide coordinating editor, with her brother. She's smiling big and ready to get straight As.

Christy Robinson

Christy Robinson helps manage KERA's digital platforms. She really just wants the photographer to hurry up and take the picture, so she can get back to recess.

Stephanie Kuo

Stephanie Kuo, producer/reporter, looking regal. 

Jackie Boyer

Jackie Boyer, KERA's manager of on-air fundraising, has always looked glamorous.