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Top Stories: Fort Worth Opera Heads To Mexico City; Former U.S. Senator Confirmed As Nato Ambassador

Ron T. Ennis
Fort Worth Opera

The top local stories this evening from KERA news: 

On the heels of the Dallas Museum of Art’s blockbuster Mexico show, the Fort Worth Opera is going international for its next world premiere.  

The official announcement will be made from Mexico City in three weeks. As KERA’s Bill Zeeble reports, the new opera will focus on the lives of Mexico’s iconic artistic couple, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

Other stories this evening: 

  • Kay Bailey Hutchison, the former U.S. senator from North Texas, got the official OK today to become Donald Trump's ambassador to NATO.The Senate voted unanimously to confirm Hutchison and 64 other nominees.
  • North Texas author Will Clarke writes pop-absurdist yarns about ordinary people trapped in otherworldly weirdness. But it's been 12 years since his last book. So for the latest in our Artist Spotlight series, Art & Seek's Jerome Weeks caught up with Clarke - just as he's about to release a new book.
  • On Think, Krys Boyd talked with Alcino Silva of the UCLA Brain Research Institute about how our brains decide which experiences to store and which to forget.

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Samantha Guzman is the coordinating editor of Arts Access, a partnership between The Dallas Morning News and KERA expanding arts coverage in the Dallas-Fort Worth area through the lens of equity and access.