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George W. Bush Talks Trump Presidency, A Free Press And His New Book Of Portraits

George W. Bush Presidential Center
Former President George W. Bush released his new book today called ”Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief's Tribute to America's Warriors.” An exhibit of the portraits will be on display starting March 2 at the Bush Center in Dallas.";s:

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Bush 43 discusses new administration and book promotion; meet the man playing Thurgood Marshall in Fort Worth; the pride of Duncanville High; and more.

While promoting his new book of portraits, former President George W. Bush fielded several questions Monday about Donald Trump, an independent press and immigration in an interview on NBC’s “Today” show. “The job’s a tough job,” he said. “Everybody looks at the presidency when they campaign one way. Then they get in office and find out there’s a reality to the job.”


Concerning the extent of Trump’s contact with the Russian government, Bush said, “We all need answers.” He didn't rule out the need for a special prosecutor to lead an investigation. Bush also defended the need for an independent press to hold those in power accountable. “I consider the media to be indispensable to democracy." He said power can be "very addictive, and it can be corrosive.”


The Republican didn't say he supported Trump's travel ban, but said he supports an immigration policy that's “welcoming and upholds the law.” Watch the full interview below. As for those portraits, the book was released today, and you can see them in person starting March 2 at the Bush Center in Dallas. [Today]

  • Speaking of George W., his daughter Barbara Pierce Bushwill headlinea Planned Parenthood event in North Texas Wednesday. She will be the keynote speaker atPlanned Parenthood of Greater Texas' annual Fort Worth luncheon and fundraiser,The Texas Tribune reports. The organization provides an array of reproductive and sexual health services, including abortions. The 43rd president was staunchly against abortion during his time as Texas governor and in the White House, but the former first lady, Laura Bush, has offered support for its legality onseveral occasions. Their daughter is the CEO and co-founder ofGlobal Health Corps. [The Texas Tribune]

  • Duncanville High’s buoy in a sea of change: its girls basketball team. The Pantherettes are heading to San Antonio this week with the hopes of securing their 10th state title. During a recent game, coach Cathy Self-Morgan was leading her team to another win. At the time, their record was 37-2. In Duncanville, that’s almost low. “My biggest challenge is making sure these kids are fed," Self-Morgan said. "And making sure they have warm clothes when it’s cold and making sure their needs are being met — physical and emotional.” That’s a big job at a school where two-thirds of the kids are labeled economically disadvantaged. Read the next chapter of our series, “Race, Poverty and the Changing Face of Schools.” [KERA News]


  • Discrimination kept this actor from the stage for years. Now, he stars asThurgood Marshall in a one-man show. Selmore Haines III has been acting in plays across North Texas for the past four years. He currently stars as the late Supreme Court Justice inJubilee Theatre’s “Thurgood.” Before that, Haines hadn’t been on the stage for more than 30 years. In his youth, Haines struggled to fit the part — any part. He was told he couldn’t take lead roles because he was black, and in other cases, he was told he wasn’t “black enough.” A chance encounter with a friend helped him get back into acting. He opens up about how race sidelined his career in theArtist Spotlight. [Art&Seek]

  • A Dallas chef has written a cookbook for vegans to enjoy and connect with traditional Mexican cuisine. Eddie Garza has been vegan for more than a decade, and he’s spent that time collecting and creating recipes that he’s now compiled into the book, “!Salud! Vegan Mexican Cookbook.” Garza also made the change in his diet to lose weight, and he turned to traditional Mexican food to help. “The majority of the food that was cultivated in Mexico during the Meso-American times (was) corn, it was beans, it was squashes and chiles.” Garza tells Texas Standard. Garza’s book offers not only vegan-friendly Mexican meals but also the history behind them. [Texas Standard]