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President John F. Kennedy's assassination is an unforgettable part of Dallas' history.Nearly 54 years later, scholars and enthusiasts alike are still processing details from that fateful drive through Dealey Plaza now that the remaining investigation files have been unsealed. For the 50th anniversary in 2013, KERA produced special stories and reports from the commemoration:The 50th: Remembering John F. Kennedy was KERA's live, two-hour special covering the official commemoration event at Dealey Plaza in Dallas on Nov. 22, 2013. Hosted by Krys Boyd and Shelley Kofler, the special includes reports from KERA reporters before the ceremony begins. Listen to the special here.Bells tolled across the city, and the event featured historian David McCullough, who read from Kennedy’s presidential speeches; Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings; religious leaders; the U.S. Naval Academy Men’s Glee Club; and a moment of silence. Read highlights from the event from KERA's live blog from that day.Throughout the month, KERA posted an online series called 22 Days In November, which takes a closer look at that fateful day, what it meant to the country and how it affected Dallas.We shared stories and memories in a series called “JFK Voices.” Explore our archives below.

For Sale: A Revolver, Sports Coat And Pair Of Handcuffs From Lee Harvey Oswald's Arrest

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum
The presidential motorcade on Main Street at Griffin Street in downtown Dallas in 1963.

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Dallas is facing a threat of bankruptcy: Rick Perry met with Donald Trump; UT’s Charlie Strong hopes to stay with the Longhorns; and more.

Fifty three years ago today, Lee Harvey Oswald shot John F. Kennedy as the president traveled through Dealey Plaza in a motorcade. Items related to that fateful day have recently been put up for auction, The Associated Press reports. Dallas-based Heritage Auctions is selling a .38-caliber Colt Police Positive double-action revolver used by late Dallas police officer Gerald Hill in Oswald's arrest. Bidding opened at $4,000, double what was asked for the sports coat Hill wore during the arrest.

Credit Heritage Auctions
The gun used by Sgt. Gerald Hill when arresting Lee Harvey Oswald.

AP reports that Hill’s widow, Bobbye Hill wishes her husband’s gun and sports coat weren’t being auctioned, but rather donated to the Sixth Floor Museum, where she’s contributed several of her husband’s belongings in the past.

Goldin Auctions in New Jersey opened bidding for the handcuffs placed on Oswald at $50,000, although the auction house now predicts they're worth around $250,000, AP reports.

Other artifacts and pieces of evidence from the assassination have been sold in the past, including Kennedy's limousine license plates, Oswald's casket and the gun Jack Ruby used to kill Oswald.

  • Dallas’pension fund for its police officers and firefighters is underfunded and seeking a billion-dollar bailout. That bailout is about equal to the city’s general fund budget, and it’s not even close to what the pension needs to be fully restored, The New York Times reports. Dallas’ more than 10,000 current and retired safety workers started voting on voluntary pension cuts this month to rescue the fund, but then five police officers and firefighters sued. Dallas is preparing to ask the state for help when the next Legislative session starts in January. Read more. [The New York Times]


  • The Zapruder film is only 26 seconds long, but that’s all it took to capture a turning point in American history — the assassination of JFK. Abraham Zapruder filmed the tragedy from what’s now called the grassy knoll in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza. The film was used in the subsequent investigation and countless conspiracy theories surrounding JFK’s death. But it had an impact on Zapruder’s family, too. His granddaughter, Alexandra Zapruder writes about it in her new memoir. Read more from the Dallas Morning News. [NPR, DMN]


  • Rick Perry met with Donald Trump in New York Monday. The Texas Tribune reports: “Trump aide Kellyanne Conaway told Fox News Monday that Perry is under consideration to lead the Departments of Defense and Energy. It is unclear how seriously Perry is under consideration for these posts.” Perry was one of Trump’s harshest critics, at one point calling him a “cancer on conservatism.” However, Perry campaigned for the now President-elect during the general election campaign. [The Texas Tribune]

  • Coach Charlie Strong says he wants to stay with the Longhorns.There have been talks of the University of Texas firing Strong. He’s 16-20 in his third year at Texas, including 5-6 this season, The Associated Press reports. Strong said administrators have told him they will review the season after the Longhorns play TCU on Friday. Athletic director Mike Perrin issued a statement calling reports of Strong's pending dismissal "rumors." If he was fired, however, it would be expensive. [The Associated Press, The Texas Tribune]