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Can You Change Your Early Vote In Texas?


No, you can't.

There are only seven states that allow early voters to change their minds after they’ve cast their ballots: Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

But even so, the conditions to change an early vote vary from state to state. CNN reports in most of those states, a person having second thoughts would have to show up on Election Day to a polling location to re-vote in person and that ballot would nullify their previous one.


In Connecticut, voters who cast an absentee ballot can request on Nov. 8 that their mailed-in ballot be withdrawn, and then they can cast a new ballot, but the request has to be made before 10 a.m., Politico reports. But in Wisconsin, early or absentee voters can cast a ballot up to three times.



Vote changing vs. vote flipping

Along with changing a vote, there’s been speculation of “vote flipping” at the polls — meaning machines are allegedly malfunctioning to change a person’s vote for president on straight-ticket ballots. Soon after early voting began last week, reports of vote flipping in Texas were coming in, and even Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was curious, tweeting: “What is going on?”


Those reports originated in Tarrant County, which has been associated with an investigation of voter fraud and other poll problems recently. But the claims of vote flipping were largely debunked, The Texas Tribune reports. And any perceived complications with the machines were due to user error, not malice on the electronic ballot’s end.

Having problems voting?
Problems at the polls aren’t to be taken lightly, however. You can report any issues during early voting by texting TXDECIDES to 69866. We’ll check in to find out how long it took you to vote and whether you had or saw any problems.

And, you can call the Secretary of State for Texas at (800) 252-VOTE. Also, be sure to review your rights as a voter, and that includes voters with disabilities.   


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