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Security Issues Loom For Dallas Police Following Saturday Shootout, Standoff

Bill Zeeble
Dallas Police Chief David Brown addresses media at a press conference Saturday, June 13.

Five stories that have North Texas talking: a single gunman fired dozens of shots and planted bombs at Dallas police headquarters; Gov. Greg Abbott made open and campus carry legal on the same day; DFW has a lot of bugs; and more. 

The surprise attack by a lone gunman on Jack Evans Police headquarters Saturday morning resulted in one casualty — the gunman himself. But police are now concerned with the overall safety of the department. Here’s what happened: Around 12:30 a.m. a man, who identified himself as James Boulware opened fire on the building, shattering front lobby windows. He also had several bombs planted around the headquarters and in his armored van. The gunman then fled the scene to be surrounded by police at a Jack in the Box restaurant in Hutchins 15 minutes later. After a four-hour standoff, the man opened fire on police again and a sniper shot and killed him. No police officers were injured, and bombs were detonated gradually. KERA News’ Bill Zeeble reported later that morning: “[Chief David] Brown expects this unprecedented violent attack will launch serious talk about security upgrades for police buildings across the city. Such a discussion, he said, could be days or weeks away. Talks could lead to the possibility of eliminating some glass panels, putting in bullet proof glass, or other alternatives.” Read more coverage from the attack as well as the follow up story here. [KERA News and Associated Press]  

The same day of the shooting, Gov. Greg Abbott made open carry of handguns legal. The Texas Tribune reported: The open-carry bill, House Bill 910 by state Rep. Larry Phillips, R-Sherman, took place at Red’s Indoor Range in Pflugerville, Texas. Later that day, Abbott signed legislation that requires Texas’ public universities and colleges to allow handguns on campus buildings and in dorms. Abbott responded to the incident at Dallas Police headquarters saying, “The event in Dallas was an isolated incident by someone who had serious mental challenges, as well as a possible criminal background,” he said. “It is no indication whatsoever of empowering people with their Second Amendment right. In fact the contrary is true.” [Texas Tribune]

Neil deGrasse Tyson is in town for #thinkspeak. Public radio’s favorite astrophysicist, host StarTalk Radio and UT Austin alumnus joins Krys Boyd of KERA’s Thinktonight at the AT&T Performing Arts Center for the second installment of #thinkspeak. He talked recently with Texas Standard, the statewide radio newsmagazine: “When asked whether Texas is the center of the universe – as many state residents may believe – Tyson gave a thorough reply. Texas is indeed at the center, he said, ‘just as a ship at sea looking in every direction will conclude that it is at the exact center of its own horizon.’ He’s also appearing in San Antonio, Houston and Austin this month. 

Your speculations have been confirmed: Dallas-Fort Worth has more bugs than most cities. The National Pest Management Associated included DFW in the Top 10 “buggiest” cities along with other major metro areas like New York (the No. 1 spot), Los Angeles, Chicago and more. Dallas-Fort Worth ranked at No. 9 and Houston at No. 10. Learn how to deal this summer with these tips.  

How did Dallas county parks and roads hold up after last month’s flooding? Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins will continue assessment of flood damage today with parks and road reviews. On Friday, he went to several cities with members of FEMA and Dallas County Homeland Security and Emergency Management to inspect homes, apartment complexes and businesses. Read Stella Chavez’s report and see photos of the damage. Also, follow @JudgeClayJ for live updates as he travels across the county.