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From DART To DFW: Now You Can Take The Train To Catch Your Plane

DART's Orange Line will stop at a station near the front door of DFW's Terminal A.

You can now take a DART train all the way to DFW International Airport.

Service launched Monday morning. Connecting DART to DFW has been a goal of the rail system since it started 31 years ago.

Now, for a $2.50 one-way ticket, passengers can board the Orange Line and travel to the front door of the airport’s Terminal A.

DART says DFW becomes the third-largest American airport with a "direct rail connection to the city center."

Here's what else you need to know.

So what do I do when I get to the airport?

If you're an American Airlines passenger, and you're flying out of any of the terminals, you can walk from the Orange Line to Terminal A. You check in and check your bags and pass through security. If your flight isn’t in Terminal A, you can take the Skylink to your terminal.

If you’re not on American, and you have bags, keep your luggage and hop on the Terminal Link bus to transfer to another terminal. If you only have carry-on bags, you can go through security in Terminal A and take the Skylink to your terminal.

“If you’re flying American [Airlines], it’s great," said Morgan Lyons, a DART spokesman. "You’re right there.  And even if you’re not on American and don’t have bags, you can go through security there."

How long does it take to ride the train?

Lyons says the trip from downtown Dallas to D/FW takes about an hour. You can leave your car in DART parking lots but be aware: They’re not secured. 

When do the trains run?  

During the week DART trains arrive at DFW early as 3:50 am.  The last train departs the airport shortly after 1 a.m. on weekdays and 12:12 a.m. on weekends.

How much did it cost?

The 5-mile extension of the Orange Line from the Belt Line station to the airport costs about $150 million.

Who will use it?

While the Orange Line gives air travelers a new option for reaching their flights, DART predicts the biggest users will be the 60,000 employees who work in and around the airport.

Go online or call for help

Because the DFW route is new, Lyons urges travelers to buy their tickets in advance and check out the Travel Tools section at  

“We can help you plan the trip, and make sure you know what station you want to board,” Lyons said.

Passengers can also call DART at 214-979-1111 and talk to a customer service representative. 

Riders react

KERA hopped the Orange Line to the airport and talked with people who are using the new service:

Krista Shively: "I work for the Department of Homeland Security as a TSA officer. I live by Love Field and I have to drive all the way into Dallas-Fort Worth [Airport]. The amount we pay for parking is incredible. We pay $140 a quarter to park in a remote spot. The government will pay for this [DART] transportation so I’m all in. Less stress."

Paola Driseno: "I came from Mexico City to study here in Dallas. In Mexico City, we have a subway line with multiple routes. I hear about the DART and I’m very excited about using this. … I want to use this."

Marion Scott: "My son and I we just wanted to check it out to see how it goes. He travels every year to Germany. We live all the way out in Rowlett. I think that’s probably the bad thing about it. The hub should have been at the airport with all different lines going to it instead of just the Orange Line."

The KERA Radio story: Riders react to the new Orange Line rail service to D/FW International Airport.

Officials react

“With the DART Orange Line connecting DFW to downtown Dallas, DFW is now on a par with global hub airports that have integrated rail, which is a major selling point for customers and conventions,” Sean Donohue, CEO of DFW Airport, said in a statement.

Jim Crites, an executive vice president at the airport, said last month he’s giddy that DFW can now join the 17 other global super-hub airports with rail service direct to downtown. “Whenever I worked in Germany, Spain, England, France, you’ve got the Far East -- as a foreigner in a foreign land, you know where you’re going, it's very logical and laid out, there's information on how to take transit," Crites said. "Once you’re there you’re free. And that’s how you get to know the city too, isn’t it?"

Ride the train

Last month, DART previewed the service with reporters. Want to see what it looks like for a train to roll into the airport? Here's a quick video:

Plan your route

Here's a look at the updated DART rail system:

Credit DART
The Orange Line now serves D/FW International Airport.

Learn more

Learn more about the airport rail service here and here.