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A North Texas Football Coach Is Upset That His Undefeated Team Is Too Good

Aledo's football team destroys the competition each week -- it's gotten so bad that one person filed a bullying report.

Five stories that have North Texas talking: Aledo's football team is good -- really good, the Dallas police chief closed a public meeting to the media, Camelot mania is here, and more:

Aledo’s football team is crushing its competition left and right. The Bearcats are undefeated, and on Friday, they stomped all over Fort Worth Western Hills. What’s the problem? The team is averaging 69 points a game. Friday’s score? 91-0. (The closest game this year: A 44-3 nailbiter over Highland Park.) This year, Aledo has outscored its opponents, 485-47. The coach is a little embarrassed. “I’m upset about it,” Tim Buchanan told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I don’t like it. I sit there the whole third and fourth quarter and try to think how I can keep us from scoring.” Last weekend, he pulled his starters after just 21 plays. But Aledo has been No. 1 in the Associated Press’ statewide Class 4A poll since early September. Buchanan told the Star-Telegram he received notice Saturday that a Western Hills parent filed a bullying report, although that team's coach says Aledo did nothing wrong. He says his team simply “ran into a buzzsaw.” If only the Dallas Cowboys played like the kids in this Parker County town of 2,800.…

  • In wake of police shooting, media initially barred from public meeting: Dallas TV stations were initially shut out of a community meeting Monday night featuring Dallas Police Chief David Brown and residents concerned about neighborhood crime, as well as a shooting in which a police officer shot an unarmed mentally ill man. After complaining to Dallas City Hall about not getting into an open meeting, the TV personnel were let in. Dallas police opened a criminal investigation in the shooting incident and placed the officer on indefinite administrative leave. A police report said Officer Cardan Spencer fired on 52-year-old Bobby Gerald Bennett in the southeast Dallas neighborhood of Rylie after he walked toward police with a “knife raised in an aggressive manner.” But surveillance video showed a different story – Bennett wasn’t armed and was at first sitting, then standing. Brown says he won’t say anything about the video until an investigation is complete. Meanwhile, The Dallas Morning News interviewed police training experts who questioned the tactics that the officer used during the incident.

  • Camelot mania: The 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination has “unleashed Camelot mania,” Politico reports. There are books, movies, documentaries, TV specials, public events – and digital content. The goal is to be respectful about what happened at Dealey Plaza in November 1963, yet find a new angle and stand out. “The public just can’t get enough,” said Shana Capozza, the director of marketing and publicity at The Globe Pequot Press, which is promoting three new JFK books. “There is an entirely new generation to be introduced to the Kennedys, and it may be through all of the exhibits, books and movies that will spring up,” Jayne Sandman, principal at BrandLinkDC, told Politico. Last week, KERA’s “Think” discussed the upcoming PBS American Experience documentary JFK with producer/director Susan Bellows and executive producer Mark Samels.

  • Light bright in Dallas Arts District: You'll want to check out this video of Friday night's Aurora, a festival that bathed the Dallas Arts District in bright light and attracted about 30,000 folks.The exhibition included lights, computer images, video projections and performances that took over buildings, inside and out (and on the sides of buildings, too.)  About 90 artists participated. This was the third Aurora -- organizers hope to make it an annual event. KERA's Dane Walters shot and edited the video (see below). KERA's Jerome Weeks attended Aurora and offers his thoughts.

  • New opera director prepares for debut: The Dallas Opera opens its season on Friday with Carmen – and with a new musical director. Emmanuel Villaume is the well-regarded conductor who served as director of the Spoleto Festival USA from 2001 to 2010. He’s only the third musical director in the Dallas Opera’s 56-year history. Theater Jones caught up with Villaume. The publication describes him as “a vibrating mass of positive energy.” Villaume told Theater Jones: “The cast is a joy to work with and they could be in a production in any major house in the world. The chorus and orchestra are also excellent. So, my overall impression is completely positive. Everything is in place for a great night.” KERA’s Jerome Weeks reported on Villaume’s appointment last April.
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