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Police, Occupy Members Talk Of The Eviction

Credit: Justin Terveen @
Dallas Police preparing for the Thursday morning eviction.

By Bill Zeeble, KERA News

Dallas, TX – Occupy Dallas members and the police are giving their versions of Thursday morning's move to dismantle the camp and evict campers. KERA's Bill Zeeble reports.

Dallas Police say they gave Occupy campers and their attorney advanced notice of the impending eviction last night. But Occupy member Alonzo Bay says he heard nothing.

Bay: they raided us last night for no cause. And nobody knew anything that they were going to do it. We didn't hear no order. They started blocking all the streets, and they came in with horses paddy wagons, bike police, motorcycle cops.

Note: Citizen filmed video of the cleanup following the eviction.

Dallas Police Chief Brown says there was cause. It's against the city ordinance to camp on public property from midnight to five. He also says campers were warned, and the eviction actually went smoothly.


Brown: This was the best outcome we could possibly hope for. We were hoping for this type of outcome, whether there will be no struggling, or fighting with any of the participants. This ended up being what we hoped would happen barring maybe all the participants leaving.

Late this afternoon, Occupy members said they will remain in Dallas. No location was identified. City officials say if they camp on private property without permission, or set up camp somewhere on Dallas property, they violate the ordinance again.

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