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Gas Prices To Rise Again

By Bill Zeeble, KERA News

Dallas, TX – After rising for weeks, North Texas gasoline prices may have stabilized for now because of reduced demand in Japan, following the disasters there. But KERA's Bill Zeeble reports local pump prices will jump soon, anyway.

This time, the price hikes will have nothing to do with world market conditions. Instead, pump prices will rise because high ozone levels in North Texas increase with warmer weather. And Triple-A's Dan Ronan says refineries deliver a summer blend.

Dan Ronan: And this is a less polluting form of gasoline especially in the summertime with the higher temperatures. And customers will typically find that gasoline prices will maybe be 5 to 10 cents higher than they normally are because of this transition.

Ronan says this annual transition should last into October. Some gas stations may already be selling the summer blend. Ronan says those that aren't will soon.

Ronan: This is something that takes place every spring. And every spring we see gasoline prices going up.

Ronan says there's really no way to avoid the price boost at the pump, adding, "it is what it is." Bill Zeeble KERA news