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Quake & Tsunami Impact on Local Business

By Bill Zeeble, KERA News

Dallas, TX – Dallas-based Texas Instruments says 2 of its 4 Japanese operations were damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. The damaged Miho chip plant, 40 miles northwest of Tokyo, may cost T-I 300-400 hundred million dollars in lost revenue and repairs. That's because it accounted for 10 percent of total sales last year, and now it's completely shut down.

The company's Kimberly Morgan says the plant made analog and digital-light-processing chips.

Kimberly Morgan: D-L-P's - you see these in conference rooms, and digital projectors in movie theaters. If you think about analog technology in general, everything that is an electronic component, whether your computer, your appliance, your car, your radio your TV, requires analog technology.

Morgan says the Miho plant may be ready again by summer. Another less damaged plant should be ok by April. T-I says all its people are safe and accounted for, and many employees are contributing to relief efforts.