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Experts: Mistakes In Willingham Case & Nightly Roundup

By Staff Reports

Dallas, TX –

Mistakes In Willingham Arson Death Penalty Case

Two forensic experts told the Texas Forensic Science Commission investigators made major errors in their conclusion that Cameron Todd Willingham set the fire that killed his three daughters. They say investigators should have ruled the cause "undetermined" because the evidence did not show the fire was "set." Willingham was convicted and executed in 2004.

Apology For Missed Oath

Dallas Republican Congressman Pete Sessions has apologized for missing the oath of office on the floor of the House yesterday the first day of the new session of Congress. Sessions and Representative Mike Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania proceeded to vote on half a dozen roll call votes before it was determined they were not duly sworn. The House today nullified those votes. The two were at a reception for Congressman Fitzpatrick's campaign donors in the Capitol. A watchdog group says that's a violation of House rules, as well.

Double-Digit Drop In Dallas Crime

Crime in Dallas dropped more than 10% last year. The Department is releasing its 2010 crime stats today. The 10.2% drop in overall crime was the 7th consecutive year of overall crime reduction. Murders were down nearly 11 percent last year. Arlington and Fort Worth saw an increase in homicides. Of violent crimes, rape rose 4% in Dallas. Home burglaries went up 2.8%, but car thefts dropped nearly 20%. Police credit more officers on the streets and more community involvement for the drop in overall crime.