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Republican Resolutions On Ballot

By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX – Republicans will be voting on "issues" as well as candidates on Tuesday's primary ballot. KERA's BJ Austin says five non-binding resolutions deal with some top conservative themes.

Stephanie Klick, Tarrant County Republican Party Chair, says resolutions offer lawmakers a gauge of what voters want them to do in the 2011 Legislative Session.

Klick: The Voter ID bill, or Voter ID one, was actually on the ballot two years ago and it passed by overwhelming numbers.

Klick says a big "yes" to the resolution again this time could ensure it will be back next year. The 2009 Legislative debate over a required photo ID to vote became a partisan standoff that bumped hundreds of other bills from consideration.

Other resolutions on Tuesday's GOP ballot include limits on government growth; public acknowledgement of God in public schools and at events; plus the Ten Commandments in government buildings; also, a required sonogram shown to each woman before an abortion.

University of North Texas political scientist Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha says the resolutions plant the party on the far right of the political spectrum. He expects approval, and says that will carry considerable political clout.

Eshbaugh-Soha: an easy way for the Legislature when they convene again to basically target these resolutions and propositions, and say hey look, the voters - Republicans at least - have supported this in a non-binding fashion and we should move forward.

Democrats do not have "resolutions" on their primary ballot. Dallas County Party Chair Darlene Ewing says grassroots activists begin crafting Democratic resolutions at the individual precinct conventions held after the polls close.

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