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Seniors Face Medicare RX Deadline

By BJ Austin, KERA News

Dallas, TX –

Senior citizens on Medicare have a few more days to make changes to their prescription drug plans. KERA's BJ Austin says December 31st is the annual deadline.

Come New Year's Day, the average monthly premium for Medicare prescription drug coverage will reach about 39 dollars a month, a 50% increase from 2006.

Carolyn Tolliver, with the Dallas-Area Agency on Aging, says counselors can help seniors navigate the dozens of different programs and costs. She says in some instances, people are able to save two and three thousand dollars a year.

Tolliver: We have actually had a few people to cry: just joy in their voices when they know that they're going to be able to save that amount of money, and because they really never understood the plan. They probably just joined the plan that they got the most information about.

Tolliver says there are dozens of programs to choose from, and navigating through them to find the one that fits can be intimidating.

Today, the Dallas-Area Agency on Aging holds a prescription plan workshop at First Baptist Church in Carrollton from 9 to Noon.

A final workshop is scheduled for December 28th at the agency offices on Empire Central. It will be by appointment only.

The KERA Economy Project has more information on the workshops, and other resources; go to

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